Agriculture and its Importance

Today's generation, everybody assumes that agriculture is nothing but food production and food distribution. But, it is not true. Agriculture is now tied with the needs of new globalized world. Indian agriculture exports are becoming more competitive and maintaining a standard quality to create more importance.India is coming up with wide opportunities in other regions. South-East Asia is flattering a modest market.India is now on op in rice production compare to other South-East Asian neighbors. We are exporting rice from India to other countries. Now, the time has come for India to focus on agriculture and getting new opportunities on the international agriculture trade and exports market. Agriculture plays vital role in rural development, especially due to land use in countries where the sector of less economic significance.Main contributions of farming for rural development are supporting employment, subsidiary business, and environmental services. In some regions, farming was necessary for economic growth and social infrastructure.

Development Impacts Severity on Agriculture.

Now, the agriculture is severely impacted by fast urbanizations and economic changes. In India, most of the agriculture farms are reducing due to no proper maintenance and pollution. Pollution is already going beyond control in Delhi and Bangalore. The air we breathe is beyond the permissible limits.India has given place for too much of corruption and taken over the agriculture lands in the name of development which may lead to loss of greenery.

Farmers Fail at Farming

Some farmers lose their focus on growing too many crops to make money in the market without knowing your customers and how much money do they make, what type of foods they like to eat and how much quantity they buy etc.It is very important to pay attention and learn the nuances of the market and how they differ from season to season.Most of the farmers start farming, and they try to mold a business around it without planning, and it may lead to failure.

Most of Indian Agriculture Follow Subsistence Farming

Most of the farmers practice subsistence farming categorized by small and distributed land holdings using simple tools.As farmers are poor, they won't use fertilizers and high yielding variety of seeds in their fields. Facilities are available for farmers like electricity and irrigation farming has improved.The subsistence agriculture is also known to be a commercial agriculture. Landfarming is practiced in areas, where there is no rainfall, and low irrigation facilities are incompetent.Wet land farming is practiced in high rainfall and irrigated regions. Rice, sugarcane, and vegetables are grown in these areas.

Reason for this Website

At present modern world, we are following advanced agriculture techniques and getting extraordinary results. We can say good days are coming for agriculture. Most of the foreign countries are using advanced equipment for agriculture by following organic and scientific methods. In our day-to-day life, we are busy with our schedule. At morning we will be going to our office, and going home at late nights. We are eating junk foods outside to fill our stomach. We know that eating vegetables and fruits provides good health benefits compared to junk food. That’s why our elders would suggest eating a fruit on daily basis. From our site, you can know about advantages of fruits and vegetables and also vitamins and proteins.