Technology-Sprayers: Pest and disease control is one of the essential stages of farming to get high production and more profits. In the very past, controlling the crop loss with pesticides and fungicides was done manually by applying with hands, where the loss cannot be controlled because of inappropriate spraying. Most of the threat to the field is caused during this stage and there are so many instances where farmers have lost their life for not being able to face the situation. But at present the technology in farming has brought many changes and the responsibility has been taken care of by the machine operated sprayers.

Sprayer Types

Agricultural Sprayers are mainly classified in to Two types.
  • Hand driven Sprayers
  • Machine driven Sprayers
Hand driven Sprayers
  • Hand driven sprayers are nothing but manually operated sprayers usually suitable for small scale farmers. These are low in cost, size and mostly apt for gardens and small fields.
Machine driven Sprayers
  • These machine operated sprayers are mounted to a tractor or truck with small to large sized tanks, pumps, booms and nozzles.

These sprayers are further classified in to :

  1. Low Pressure Hydraulic Sprayers :
  2. These are operated hydraulically with an air chamber and pressure regulators. Usually low in cost, these are well used by smaller fields.

  3. High Pressure Hydraulic Sprayers :
  4. These are also hydraulically carried sprayers like low pressure sprayers, but the difference lies in its size and working capability. These are more costly than the above ones and effective to all type of fields, but mostly suitable for taller trees.

  5. Air blast Sprayers :
  6. These are also called as mist blowers, where the pesticides or fungicides are sprayed at a speed of 130 to 230 km per hour. Orchard sprayer is a perfect example for these type where concentrated pesticides are used.

  7. Foggers :
  8. Drones are the best to describe about these sprayers. These are electrically powered and we find the use of it in nurseries and mosquito prone areas.

Advantages of Sprayers
  • Earlier in traditional farming Pest and disease control was very hard and took days to complete, but now it has become very easy.
  • Also the time taken for this process can be utilized for other farm related work.
  • As there is very less chance of touching physically with the chemicals, farmers can be safe from any pesticide harm.
  • Compared to traditional methods, the use of these sprayers can save lot of water. It is very much essential for the fields where there is no proper irrigation facilities.
  • These sprayers are easy to maintain.
Drawbacks of Sprayers
  • Compared to traditional methods these sprayers are cost effective. The exact cost depends on the size and the specifications you are required.
  • If not maintained properly and not used for long time, they may lead to dysfunction quickly.
  • They require large amount of pesticides than the traditional methods which increases the expenses of the farmer.
Availability :
  • These Sprayers are available throughout the world at varied costs. You may find the appropriate Sprayer in the below links, go through them.

Published On Sunday, 13th January 2019